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Discover who you really are with this deep dive retreat, and get that strong sense of peace and purpose you've been looking for.

In this 3,5 day transformational retreat, expert coach Gonçalo Gil Mata will guide you to your inner quiet, so you get a lighter, stress-free and more fulfilling experience of being alive. 

Gonçalo Gil Mata,
Founder & CEO at MIND4TIME

Gonçalo Gil Mata has more than 15 years of coaching experience. He has led individuals from all over the world into higher levels of well-being, helping them gain a deeper alignment with their potential and achieve a more fulfilling journey. With 3 published books, Gonçalo trained with world-renowned experts like Michael Neill, Aaron Turner and Ken Manning, and will share his invaluable knowledge on how to get the most out of your limited time on the planet.

September (dates to be announced)
3,5 day event (3 nights)
only 7 spots

DO YOU ...

Different people come for different reasons.
This retreat is for you if some of these questions strongly ring a bell:

- feel like you're a bit lost, with no strong sense of purpose and direction?
- feel like time is flying by, and you're afraid you may be wasting your life away?
- want to just press "PAUSE", breathe, and take time to think about where you are and

where you want to go next?

- struggle with emotions and wish you had a more stable foundation?
- want to stop feeling anxious about other people's expectations of you? 
- want to find out more about who you really are, beyond your current character?​

wish you could be more present to each moment and enjoy it more fully?
- want to feel more connected? in the flow? fun? peaceful? at ease?
- feel curious about life, your mind, and where your experience is coming from?


The program will run in 3,5 consecutive days, with a small group of 7 participants.

It includes INDIVIDUAL COACHING for each participant (before and during the retreat).

There will be lots of different moments for you to reflect and explore, as follows:



This is a coaching program.

You’ll receive a lot of individual attention to your unique situation during the whole program. In particular, the pre-retreat individual coaching session with Gonçalo will jumpstart your personal experience.



In these main sessions, we’ll explore a bit of everything: how does our mind work? where does our experience come from? what does your subjective concept of life look like? how does it compare to others’ perspectives? what about purpose? what’s the relationship between a certain mental state and a sense of inner aligment? …

And many other topics.

sub-group reflections

Many of the activites during the 3,5 days require a subgroup setup. You’ll get together with one or 2 other participants, and you’ll be assigned tasks that will spark your exploration in a supported atmosphere. This is a very insightful opportunity to welcome new ideas and frameworks into your own subjective representations.

yoga &


In the simplicity of connecting with your body, you'll find great harmony and introspection potential. Regular moments of Yoga and meditation will enhance the reflective vibration of this retreat. A special Tibetan bowls sound immersion will be a nice touch to your self-discovering journey.



In between the group sessions there willl be some extra activities to help us boost your reflexion and deep dive.

We will provide some non-intellectual activities you can enjoy without overthinking :) There may be weather constrains but some of the options are kayaking, hiking, or other.

a space-time bubble

These 3,5 days will feel like entering a unique space-time bubble. All technology (including phones) are restricted outside your bedroom. You will have plenty of free time to read, nap, pool dive, take a walk in nature, or do nothing at all :)


"I feel stronger, calmer, relaxed. I see the world differently, aware of the power I have inside me."

2022 edition's participant


dedicate focused time and attention to discover more about YOU

rethink direction: where am I? where do I want to go next?

get inspired, rethink your mission and your purpose

unblock change and motivation in your life

get a better perspective on how to unravel your potential

recover a sense of lightness, joy and fun

radically reduce stress and anxiety levels

uncover a solid source of inner peace



EUR 1950 *

ends 14 JUL

✔️ 3,5 days retreat 
✔️ individual coaching with Gonçalo
✔️ yoga and meditation
✔️ accommodation (3 nights)
✔️ at Cinfães do Douro (north Portugal)
✔️ all meals included
✔️ full access (pool and garden)
 nature-related activities (kayaking)
✔️ master coach
✔️ no-tech environment
✔️book "Reinvente-se"

plus VAT for company enrollments


Why us?

With over 15 years of experience in coaching, Gonçalo is an expert in listening to your deep needs and desires, as well as untangling the route source of any particular blocking you may be experiencing in your life. 

We know the significant impact we can make in people's lives. We've seen it throughout years and years of work, investigation, and life experience. Gonçalo has incredible intuition and an amazing ability to create a safe space where you can think, reflect and discover.

What is included?

Everything!! During these 3,5 days, we've got you covered: breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee breaks, ... *

There is even an airport shuttle (Porto - Cinfães - Porto), if you need one.

All extra activities (yoga, kayaking, meditation, ...) are also included.

* except extra drinks and special requests

When can I arrive?

Your room will be ready from 4 pm (18th September), so you can start enjoying the pool and quiet down into the silence.

We'll have dinner together at 8 pm and we'll have a first short welcome session by 9.30 pm.

(if you can only arrive on the 19th that's also fine; just please let us know in advance).

Why in Cinfães do Douro?

In the magnificent margins of Douro, you will have a unique opportunity to reconnect with nature and with yourself.

You will be surrounded by nature, with all its quiet and peace. It's an exclusive space that will be reserved for our group only.

Why extra outdoor activities?
Outside activities like hiking and kayaking, in an inspiring wild scenario, will allow you to rediscover your sense of belonging and sensorial connection. In the simplicity of connecting with your body, you'll find great harmony and introspection potential.

Regular moments of Yoga and Meditation will enhance the reflective vibration of this retreat.

What happens if I need to cancel??

In case you can't attend, your cancellation may have a penalty associated, as follows:

until 01JUL - full refund, you'll get all your money back.

until 01SEP - 50% penalty*
after 01SEP - 100% penalty*

* though if we can fill your spot with another participant, you'll get all your money back

For more information reach out at

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