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- Cinfães do Douro -


€ 1950 *


June 2023 10 places

* € 1600 shared room


deep dive retreat

"A lifetime experience" - there will be a "before" and an "after" the retreat

This retreat is the ultimate experience of immersive reflection and self-discovery.
Set in an all-inclusive format, these 3 days (3 nights) in Cinfães do Douro will take
you on a unique adventure, expanding the limits of your consciousness about who
you are and about what your experience of being alive is made of.

You will find a true oasis of tranquillity and mental silence, that will provide for a
complete Reinvention of your being. Inner alignment, flow and direction are concepts
that will take another dimension in your life, after this retreat.

This program includes 2 individual coaching sessions with Gonçalo Gil Mata: a
preparatory one, before the retreat, and another one that will happen during the
event or after it, depending on your individual progress.
This retreat includes daily activities of yoga and meditation, among other extra
experiences, namely some "in nature" (eg. kayaking). There will be a specific food
Please note that any technological equipment, (like cell phones, tablets, pc's,
cameras, ....) will not be allowed outside your room during the whole retreat.

Main Benefits

Any REINVENTION program, has the purpose of creating a special thinking space where you'll be able to:

• stop and dedicate focused attention to your "ME Project";
• rethink direction: where am I? where do I want to go next?
• get a better perspective on your potential
• recover a sense of lightness, joy and fun
• get inspired, and rethink your mission and your purpose
• unblock change and motivation
• radically reduce your stress and your habitual anxiety levels
• uncover a solid source of inner peace

Reasons for choosing this program:

• it is a unique experience like no other; no other program will have the reach and the
experiential depth of this pure immersion retreat
• it includes 2 individual coaching sessions, that will boost the transformational power
of your experience, as well as it's sustainability in time
• it's all inclusive: you won't worry about a thing
• it includes regular activities of yoga and meditation
• it's a small group retreat - 8 to 10 (max) participants -, that creates a special
intimacy, conducive to deep reflection


Dates: June 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th

(your room will be available from 4pm on the 14th, but lectures will only start at 9am on the 15th; it is possible for you to join us only on the 15th at 9am, but you'll definitely want to come the day before, let yourself dive into the space, have a swim, relax and allow your mind to disconnect... the retreat will close around 6pm on the 17th)

Where: Cinfães do Douro - Portugal


- all lectures 

- 2  individual coaching sessions with Gonçalo Gil Mata for each participant (one before, and another during or after the event)

- accomodation for 3 nights (private or shared room options)

- all meals for the 3 days

- OPO airport transfers (Porto - Cinfães - Porto)

- all retreat activities (yoga, meditation, and others)

NOT included:

- extra drinks and special requests at the hotel

* +VAT for all invoices with a company NIF. For individual enrollments (with individual NIF invoice) VAT is included.

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