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There are moments in life when we should stop. Really stop. So we can take a good look at:

“What do I really want?”

“Am I in the right track?”

It's not easy. The train can go so fast, and so noisy, that we postpone repeatedly that reflection. Sometimes having us heading the wrong destination for years...

The Reinvention Experience is a 3 day deep dive retreat in the magnificient margins of Douro and a unique opportunity to reconnect with nature and with yourself.

Sharing inspiring surroundings with an exclusive group of 7 participants only, you will dive into a guided reflective state and rethink your sense of direction and inner alignment.

The event builds on MIND4TIME's vast experience in Coaching and Emotional Management, making it an outstanding chance to press your "mental reset button", and explore new possibilities for your life and your personal development.

Image by Ian Stauffer



Group sessions are the core of the retreat. There you'll develop your inner alignment and maybe make a transformational shift in your existential perspective. And go even deeper in the individual sessions...



In the simplicity of connecting with your body, you'll find great harmony and introspection potential. Regular moments of Yoga and Mindfulness will enhance the reflective vibration of this retreat.

Image by kike vega
Beauty in Nature



Outside activities like walks and canoing, in an inspiring wild scenario, will allow you to rediscover your sense of belonging and sensorial connection.



What's included?

- meals and accommodation (private room)

- access to all facilities - pool, gardens, ... (hotel is exclusively booked for the event)

- all group sessions  (daily between 10 am and 6 pm) led by Gonçalo Gil Mata

- 2 individual coaching sessions (also with Gonçalo)

- all Yoga and Mindfulness sessions (led by an expert partner)

- 1 individual Mindfulness session (likewise)

- all extra activities (eg. canoing, walks)

- a no-tech environment (all participants should keep their cellphones/technology limited to their private room)

If this idea looks exciting and you feel this is the right moment, let us know if we can help you with more details.

[tip: but don't take too long - we have 7 places only! :) ]

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