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Unlock your potential with this deep dive course, and get that strong sense of direction you've been looking for.

In this 3-day transformational program, expert coach Gonçalo Gil Mata will help you navigate your professional ambitions and fears, so you can move yourself towards exactly where you should be.

Gonçalo Gil Mata,
Founder & CEO at MIND4TIME

Gonçalo Gil Mata has more than 15 years of coaching experience. He has led professionals from top companies into higher levels of performance, helping them gain a deeper alignment with their potential and achieve a more fulfilling professional journey. Gonçalo trained with world renowned experts like Michael Neill, Aaron Turner and Ken Manning, and will share his invaluable knowledge on how to get the most of your limit time on the planet.

March 23, 24 & 25th
from 9.30 am to 6 pm
only 10 spots

DO YOU....

 - struggle to get out of bed in the morning, feeling uninspired or unmotivated?
- feel like you've stopped learning or developing new skills?

 - find a lot of your work is boring, unsatisfying, or a total waste of your time?
- feel like you're not making a difference, impacting the world or other people?
- find yourself wondering "What I am doing here? It doesn't feel right..."?

- feel most days are stressful, hard, or unfulfilling?

If these questions ring a bell, then
this program is for you!


The program will run in 3 consecutive full days (9am-6pm), with a small group of 10 participants,

and  includes 2 INDIVIDUAL COACHING sessions for each participant (before and after).

Being a flexible program, there will be lots of different moments for you to explore, as follows.

individual coaching sessions

This is a coaching program.

You’ll receive a lot of individual attention to your unique situation during the whole program. In particular, the 2 individual coaching sessions will be the peak of that personal time.

One will take place pre-program, the other during or after.

main group lectures

In these main lectures, we’ll explore a bit of everything: how does our mind work? where does our experience come from? what does your subjective concept of career look like? how does it compare to others’ perspectives? what about purpose? what’s the relationship between a certain mental state and a sense of inner aligment? …

And many other topics.

sub-group reflections

Many of the activites during the 3 days require a subgroup setup. You’ll get together with one or 2 other participants, and you’ll be assigned tasks that will spark your exploration in a supported atmosphere. This is a very insightful opportunity to welcome news ideas and frameworks into your own subjective representations.



Some of the tasks are purely individual. You’ll be representing time charts, making evaluation in diagrams, writing paragraphs about ideas and all sort of exercises that require your own mental space and focus. 

on-the-spot coaching

In the main lectures, there'll be invaluable opportunities to address specific questions from participants. Because each one will have a different experience of the retreat, this provides for excellent “on-the-spot” coaching moments. This is usually extremely helpful for other participants as well, and speed up the process for everyone.

a space-time bubble

During these 3 days, it will be like you enter a unique space-time bubble. You’ll be asked to let your phone rest for the whole day and be invited to wonder around town during lunch breaks, just letting things flow naturally, allowing your mind to explore and operate from a different mental state.


dedicate focused time and attention to discover more about YOU

rethink direction: where am I? where do I want to go next?

get inspired, rethink your mission and your purpose

unblock change and motivation in your life

get a better perspective on how to unravel your potential

recover a sense of lightness, joy and fun

radically reduce stress and anxiety levels

uncover a solid source of inner peace

This is YOUR time :)

 EUR 795 * 

✔️ 3 days intensive (3 x 7h)
✔️ 2 individual coaching sessions (2 x 1h)
✔️ 2 coffee-breaks each day
✔️ at Hotel Infante Sagres
(Porto downtown)
✔️ free lunch time (1:00pm to 2:30pm)
✔️ international group
✔️ master coach

* special launch price; next editions will be EUR 1200


Why this program design?

 It is intensive, but absolutely fits a regular working schedule.

If you're "a local" you can still maintain your usual routine (go to the gym, pick up the kids, ...),

and if you're visiting you'll have plenty of time to explore beautiful Porto.

Why are lunch/dinner breaks not included?

There will be intense reflection during the program, so big breaks (lunch and evening) will help you get settled with fresh new ideas.

We want you to have total freedom to wonder and take undisturbed time to "digest" it.

You'll have total freedom to choose your own accommodation and meals, according to your preferences.

Why in Porto downtown?

It happens in beautiful Porto - you'll have plenty of time to explore the city during these 3 days

Porto is a wonderful place to be a tourist! Every time you step out of the hotel you'll be on a "holiday mood", how does it feel?

Why now?
It will be exactly the deep dive you were in need of. Now is the absolute perfect time!

Why is English the program language?

You'll be joining a multi-national group of people. 

For more information reach out at

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